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Our approach

Structure Services Group is all about service. We are a large company with many service divisions, and our goal is to be the epicenter for all of your structural needs - residential and/or commercial. All of our divisions offer exceptional, professional service for constructing, creating, maintaining,  installing, and repairing any building or structure. Quality comes first with all of our services; every job, no matter how great or small, we complete with pride. The integrity of our products and work is unmatched.
We don't just work hard for our clients, we take the smart approach - with a mix of innovation and tried and true practices, we create unmatched custom solutions for our clients. Each of our divisions delivers "big business" service with the "small business" feel. We are delighted to serve our customers.

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Our Goal

SSG exists because of the vision of one man: our founder, and CEO, Rodger Barton. Rodger's unique experiences and qualifications were the perfect mix to create and grow our company. Over the years, he spent time as an insurance adjuster, real estate agent, contractor, SWPPP compliance expert, and business owner/operator. He saw one need that many people in these different fields see, but no one had addressed: being able to access multiple services for a vast array of home and business needs without having to search and investigate several different companies just to find service you (hopefully) can trust. If one reliable, consistent company like this existed, where clients could count on quality and professionalism no matter the service, that company would be a great asset to the Albuquerque area. And so, Rodger braved the waters, so to speak, to create the multi-divisional wonder that is SSG.

SSG provides our clients with effective and professional services to help them meet and exceed their goals for today, tomorrow, and into the future. We are professionals ready to help all structural needs - from pipes to roofs, and from beams to finishing touches.

We believe in building valuable relationships with our clients and our business partners. By taking the smart approach, SSG creates long lasting value for our clients. Our Goal at Structure Services Group is to serve.

See for Yourself...

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