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Property damage and Insurance Claims can be a headache


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Insurance Adjuster services

Navigating an insurance claim can be frustrating, and many people feel overwhelmed and under-informed about how to get the most from their claim - how to make things “like new,” or “like it never happened.” After all, once a need for repair or replacement has become evident, every individual, family, and business just wants things better so that they can move on.

SSG’s Insurance Adjuster Services division is here to help. We are the customer’s advocate in dealing with the insurance claims process. Our trained staff (one of which was trained by and worked for State Farm Insurance) can meet with an insurance company’s adjuster to review a claim, help review a claim that was previously denied (and at times, have been able to re-open a claim and pursue payment for damages), and explain the claims process. We help bring light to what seems a rather dark and confusing situation.

We offer exceptional, professional service for commercial and residential customers. With SSG, we don't just work hard for our clients, we take the smart approach - with a mix of innovation and tried and true practices, we deliver results for our clients - you’ll get "big business" service with the "small business" feel. We are delighted to serve our customers.

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  • General

    We act as an advocate on your behalf to your insurance company - explaining claims to their adjuster, reviewing a claim that has been denied, and explaining the claims process to keep you fully informed. We can help with claims for:

    • Hail
    • Wind
    • Water
    • Storm / Catastrophe
    • Fire
    • Smoke
    • Personal Property
    • ...and more!

    We also meet with your insurance company’s adjuster to make sure that the claim is paid correctly and nothing is left out. We help ensure that all claims are paid as they should be – in an honest, fair, and accurate manner.

  • Estimates

    Insurance Adjuster Services is just one division of Structure Services Group, and has connections to multiple specialists and contractors from SSG’s other divisions that are ready to serve! This means we can prepare estimates for your claim from professionals who can do the work and stand by their price. Quality comes first with all of our services. Whatever structure, no matter how great or small, we pride ourselves on the integrity of our products and work.

  • Valuations

    We review values with our clients, explain the payment process when a claim is paid as an Actual Cash Value payment and Replacement Costs Values, as well as how deductibles are applied and paid.

  • Litigation Preparations

    Our experts are prepared to help you when or if you need to contact an attorney. Preparing legal files for law suits that are based on research and proper estimates, photographs, and other work to increase the value of your case is one of the most powerful services we can offer to present to your attorney.

    We also help our clients understand the insurance terminology to prepare them for all the discussions ahead.

    We are not attorneys, and do not provide legal advice. However, we can provide information to you and your legal team to help prepare for a case when we cannot help you settle a claim otherwise.

Savings Opportunity

Dealing with insurance claims is tasking enough without the hassle of finding trustworthy professionals to do the repair work. Insurance Adjuster Services likes to make things as easy and pleasing as possible, which is why we offer something competators can’t - we can waive our adjuster’s fee.

Choose the Smart Approach, and you’ll save on your adjuster’s fee. If you select one of SSG’s other divisions to repair your home, structure, or commercial building, we feel you’ve already paid enough. Our professionals will make a timely, quality repair, and you’ll keep the adjuster’s fee. At Structure Services Group, we want our customers to be highly satisfied - not only with the repairs, but with the savings.

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For all products, services and work performed (at our option):

  • 1

    Payment arrangements are available.

  • 2

    Credit cards are accepted. We reserve the right to add any fees or charges to the bill in order to pay for related expenses incurred as a result of accepting a credit card to pay for your products and or services.

  • 3

    Lien rights are enforced.