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We don't just work hard for our clients, we take the smart approach. With a mix of innovation and tried and true practices, we create unmatched service for each client and facility location. Our customers aren't numbers, they're our special charge. With SSG, you get the "big business" service with the "small business" feel.

Our Sewer Line Services and Inspections are top notch. We pride ourselves on being professional and fast. Check out what we have to offer!

General Fees - Important!

Multiple services may be necessary in order to find a solution for whatever your problem may be. Should this occur, we will adjust our fees. Please feel free to call us and request a custom estimate or proposal for your specific issue. We are always happy to work with our customers to provide a fee that you can afford.

For all products, services and work performed (at our option):

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    Payment arrangements are available.

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    Credit cards are accepted. We reserve the right to add any fees or charges to the bill in order to pay for related expenses incurred as a result of accepting a credit card to pay for your products and or services.

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    For work related to real estate sales, we can accept payment at closing. Please make sure that all parties have a copy of the invoice.

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    Lien rights are enforced.

Camera Inspections

Though sewer line camera inspections are our most popular request, we can also use this service to inspect duct work in homes and buildings. This service is ideal for real estate sales, to identify blockages and other issues with your pipes.

Our inspections include:

A Detailed Report, including at least 1 photo of damage (if present) as standard practice. An additional report including quotes to repair any damages found during inspections is available upon request.

Extra Videos or Photos when available.

We professionally inspect residential single and multi-unit homes, apartment buildings, as well as commercial office/retail buildings, and even restaurants.

Structure Services inspects pipes in commercial buildings, swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, and irrigation systems. We stop the inspection at the first barrier or blockage that we encounter. We will not try to punch through the blockage. We may, at your request, inspect other pipes or through other cut outs/clean outs, roof vents, toilets, sink drains, etc.

We have 2 cameras and may use either or both to inspect the pipes at your location. Standard practice calls for the large camera, however if we cannot send this through the pipe, we will use a small camera that can better navigate bends and turns. Initiating the smaller camera will add an extra fee to the service total.

Accessing pipes through a roof vent or toilet will add an extra fee to the total when clean outs are not available or when there are other issues with the pipes.

Don't wait! Not knowing about problems in your home could cost you more money in the long run. Save money by addressing issues early!

Line Locator Services

We can use our inspection cameras to locate sewer lines in your home or yard, and help lay out a map of your pipes. We also use this service to mark the location of any problems with your pipes as indicated by our equipment. If a repair needs to be made, our Line Location Service helps a plumber know where to start digging or excavating with accuracy. No one wants holes all over their house or yard - this service is a must!

In commercial buildings or multi-story homes, we can locate pipes within the different floor levels to assist your plumber with repairs.

Did we mention we have an on-staff plumber? If you need one, please let us know - we're always happy to serve!

Sewer Line Cleaning

Our Cable Line / Sectional Drain Cleaner (Snake) is more powerful than traditional drum cleaners or drum snakes, and can handle most blockages, but we're prepared for even more. Just ask us about our Water Jet Services

Water Jet Machine

This tool cuts through tree roots and even the toughest grease clogs restaurants can create. It quickly and efficiently cleans and scrubs pipes.

Tree Root Removal

Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning

Drain and sewer pipe cleaning
yard work

Residential and Commercial Clients

We offer our services to Property Managers & Realtors, Homeowners, Tenants & Landlords, Facility Managers, Apartment Managers, Restaurants, and even Construction Companies. No job is too big or too small - when you need us, just give us a call!

24-Hour Emergency Services

Fees are service specific. Please contact us for your detailed quote.

Dependable service when you need it, because we understand that not every problem happens between 8-5. When you need us, we'll be there.

Scheduled Services & Maintenance Agreements

Fees are negotiated based on specific site needs. Please contact us for your detailed quote.

Whether you want to schedule a service for a specific time or date, or create an on-going schedule for regular maintenance, we can meet your needs. Just give us a call!

Sewer Camera Pic





Before - pipe blocked by tree roots

After - pipe cleared, tree root in shreds, ready to rinse clean.

Water Jet services cut through roots, grime, build-up, clogs, and even concrete to leave your pipes clean without having to replace the main sewer drain line. No matter your problem, we've got the tools for your job.

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