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Stucco is a low-maintenance, highly personalizable, and durable building material. It is traditional to New Mexico, and our specialty. Quality comes first with all of our services; we pride ourselves on the integrity of our products and work.

SSG's Stucco Services division's experienced residential and commercial stucco experts can install or repair any stucco material and match any color. Whether your home or building requires synthetic, concrete, or a combination of stucco materials, you can rest assured that we will provide knowledgeable and accomplished service.

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  • Re-Stucco

    Taking the Smart Approach to removing old stucco and applying new puts our customers in the best hands. Stucco is a versatile, artistic building material, and we can make your structure as personalized, creative, or modest as you desire. We ensure that installation is done right so our customers – residential and commercial – can enjoy the exterior of their home or building their way.

  • Stucco Repair

    Our Stucco Services division's professional, experienced tradesmen and quality materials ensure a repair lasts, and your stucco is fixed right. Whether your stucco has stains, cracks, holes, flaking (spalling), or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. Many customers don’t realize that leaks can occur from stucco in disrepair – this leaking can be mistaken as coming from the roof, and can even allow moisture in around windows. With our capable professionals, and color-matching skills, we can fix any problem, and make it look as though it was never there.

  • Water Barrier / Water-Proof Applications

    Water Barriers and Water-Proof Applications can improve your home’s exterior, and add years of life to your home. Ask us about what we can do for your structure.

  • Parapet Repairs & Roof Services

    Parapets are an extension of the wall at the roof-line – many flat-roofed buildings have them. They are a common feature in Albuquerque homes, and a traditional New Mexico architectural element. The stucco on parapets is exposed to the weather. Repairing holes, cracks and chips on parapets helps prevent moisture damage to interior walls. Maintenance of the "high exposure" areas of the stucco will prolong having to do a complete re-stucco for many years. We can inspect, repair, and rebuild any damage from separations or cracks, and make your parapet the harmonious roof-wall element it should be.

  • General Maintenance

    We perform general stucco inspection and maintenance, so we can keep your home or business in excellent shape, and can help identify issues before they become a problem.

  • Insurance Claims

    Occasionally, our customers need repairs to property that may be covered by an insurance claim. SSG carries an insurance adjuster’s license, so we can help our customers file claims, or simply explain the claims process and answer any questions.

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