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Property Inspections

Purchasing a property is one of the most significant decisions, and biggest investments most of our customers make.

A property inspection by Structure Services Group will give you a clear, unbiased evaluation of a property's condition - inside and out. Our inspection will help answer any questions you may have, and make an informed decision during the purchasing process. Having the information you need about repairs and or maintenance your property may require can prepare you for success, and give you peace of mind.

SSG's inspectors are top-notch, and exceed industry standards. We serve buyers, sellers, and Realtors, and don't mind to take the time to educate our clients about our findings and recommendations. 

Our Inspection Packages

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We currently offer four different inspection packages to give our clients their preferred range of services.

We professionally inspect commercial office and retail buildings, as well as residential single and multi-unit homes and apartment buildings. An additional report including quotes to repair any damages found during inspections is available upon request.

  • Full Home Inspection

    • Covers over 65 items in/on the property
    • Detailed Inspection Report

  • Sewer Line Camera & Location Inspection

    We use the newest & best equipment on the market to offer:

    • Detailed Report - including at least 1 photo of damage (if present) as standard practice
    • Extra videos or photos of test when available
    • Location Notification & Identification Service - We locate, identify, and mark the location of the problem as indicated by our equipment. If a repair needs to be made, our Location & Identification Service helps a plumber to know where to start digging or excavating with accuracy. No one wants holes all over their property - this service is a must!
  • **For any inspection of pipes in commercial buildings, swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, and irrigation systems: We will stop the inspection at the first barrier or blockage that we encounter - we will not try to punch through the blockage. Upon request, we may inspect through other pipes or access points to better identify the blockage. If our inspectors must access through a toilet or roof vent, an additional fee may be charged.

  • Sprinkler System / Irrigation System

    Checking for overall functionality of the sprinkler and individual components listed below:

    • Sprinkler Heads
    • Timers / Control Modules
    • Valves / Valve Boxes
    • Drip Lines
    • Broken Lines

    *These inspections are normally performed Spring-Fall. We will inspect as much as we can with or without water or electricity turned on.

    With your service, you will also receive:

    • Detailed Report
  • Insurance Underwriting Inspection / Review

    Once you purchase your home or commercial property and have it insured, the home owner's insurance company can still terminate the policy within 30-60 days upon an underwriting inspection.

    We perform underwriting inspections to inform you and your insurance company of the condition and any associated risk associated with your property (exterior & interior).

    SSG has a licensed insurance agent that worked for State Farm Insurance on staff with over two decades of experience. Our inspection includes:

    • A written report with photographs of any questionable areas (often more thorough than most insurance company reports)
    • Inspection of all areas of the property
    • A review of the report findings with our staff insurance adjuster
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